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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to become licensed with the Oregon CCB?

You're required to become licensed if you are engaged, for compensation, in any construction activity involving improvements to real estate. This includes partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and self-employed individuals whether working by the hour, week, job or 'cost-plus', and whether by written contract or oral agreement.

A license is required for any individual or business entity which advertises, offers, bids or arranges to do, or actually does any construction, alteration, remodeling, or repair involving residential, commercial, industrial, or public works improvements. Inspection, tree service, power washing, chimney sweeps and developers who build houses with the intent to sell, are also required to become licensed.

Plumbers and electricians require a license with the Building Codes Division (BCD) and a business license with the CCB.

What edition of the manual is state currently using for testing?

The test is based on the NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management CCB 2nd Edition. This manual is included in your new 4 Seasons LLC course.


Who does not need to become licensed with the CCB?
The following are examples of construction work are exempt from licensing, according to ORS 701.010:

Who gives the CCB test?

PSI gives the state test. You will have three hours to complete the 80 question test, and the cost is $60. PSI's Phone number is (800) 733-9267. You will have the option to take the test in English or Spanish. You must request the test in Spanish with your education provider. PSI service representatives are available 4:30AM-7PM Monday-Friday and 8AM-2:30PM Saturday and Sunday (PST). Internet registration is availabe 24hours a day. Website https://test-takers.psiexams.com/orcon


When and where can I take my CCB test?
You can take the test once you have completed the required 16 hours of education. You must be registered by an approved education provider such as 4 Seasons LLC. Once registered, you will call or go online and register with PSI using a Visa, or Mastercard. PSI testing is available Monday through Saturday during the day and evenings. PSI requires that you arrive at the test site 30 minutes before your scheduled test time.  Testing centers are located in Aurora, Baker City, Bend, Eugene, Independence, Medford, Portland. Test center locations are subject to change.

PSI LOCATIONS in Oregon  800-733-9267

 Aurora, OR
Aurora Aviation
22785 Airport Rd NE
Blue Gate #5
Aurora, OR 97002

Independence, OR
Independence State Airport
4901 Airport Rd
Independence, OR 97351

 Baker City, OR
2101 Main Street, #203
Baker City, OR 97814

Medford, OR
1236 A North Riverside Ave
Medford, OR 97501

 Bend, OR
325 NW Vermont Place #106
Bend, OR 97701

 Portland, OR
205 Business Center Suite 201
8383 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97220

 Eugene, OR
1955 Empire Park Drive, Suite A
Eugene, OR 97402

Proctor Registration is available



What if I do not have a CD drive in my computer, tablet or other device?

No problem, we will email you, free of charge, the information on the CD. You can then download it and start studying.

Does your program work on a Apple computer or device?


What do I bring to the CCB test?

Your NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law andProject Management. Your valid government issued ID.

Can I retake the test if I don't pass the first time?

Yes. However, each attempt costs a new exam fee.

What does it cost to get my license?

Is this an open book test?

Yes. Bring your NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management with you when you take the test. However, don't assume that because it is an open book test it will be easy. You will have to study to pass the test. You cannot take anything into the test other than your manual.

How many questions are there on the CCB test?

There are 80 questions. You need to get at least 56 answers correctly to get 70%, the minimum score to pass the test.

How long does the state test last?

You will have three hours.

When will I know if I passed the CCB test?

You will receive your test results before you leave the testing center.

When do I need to purchase my bond and insurance?

Your bond and insurance will need to be purchased before you submit your Construction Contractors application with the CCB.

What now? I've completed the 4 Seasons Home Study Course.

Remember, we've been through this process many times and are here to help you 7 days a week.

Why do I have to complete 16 hours of education?

The required 16 hours of education, for which the NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, law and Project Managementl was prepared, will help you establish effective relations with your clients and partners in the constructions industry. You will become familiar with industry laws and standards. You will have the tools now and in the future to strengthen and promote the success of your business.

What if I'm registered or licensed as a contractor in another state?

Anyone wishing to be licensed as a contractor in Oregon must take the 16-hour course and pass the CCB exam. There is no exam waiver for contractors registered or licensed in another state.

How many people in a new business entity have to either complete the education requirement (class and test) or prove they are exempt from it?
One. This person is called the responsible managing individual (RMI).

What could go wrong in the CCB licensing process?
The CCB keeps records of the types of problems contractors have experienced in the past while getting licenses and renewals processed. Their 'Top 10' list includes:

#1 application tip: Check over your application form using the CCB checklist!

What license do I need to have a landscaping business in Oregon?

To operate a landscaping business in Oregon, you need to contact a different agency, not the CCB. Oregon law requires anyone in the state of Oregon who advertises, operates as, or uses the title of a landscape contractor or landscape business, to be licensed with the Landscape Contractors Board (LCB). There are two licenses required with the LCB: a landscape contractor's license and a landscaping business license.

A landscape contractor is defined as someone who plans and installs lawns, shrubs, vines, trees and other decorative vegetation including the preparation of the property on which the vegetation is to be installed. A landscape contractor may also construct water features, drainage and irrigation systems, plan and install fences, decks, walkways and retaining walls in conjunction with landscape projects.

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