4 Seasons

"I passed and only missed 4 questions. Thanks for your help. I was very surprised at how close, almost exact, the practice questions were to those on the actual test."

-Brendan A.

Sample CCB
contractor test questions

1. Who must be licensed with the CCB?

a. Anyone conducting construction activities with intent to sell or for compensation

b. Only if the job is over $600

c. Only general contractors

d. Only Contractors working on commercial and residential jobs

2. What is the CCB's purpose?

a. Provide free consumer information

b. Help resolve disputes between Contractors and Consumers

c. Provide Contractors information to consumers

d. All the above on request

3. The CCB has 7 sections. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

a. Licensing section

b. Education section

c. Enforcement section

d. Attorney and Mitigations referral section

1. a     2. d     3. d